FlokiNET was established in 2012 in Iceland to provide a safe harbor for freedom of speech, free press and whistleblower projects.
We at FlokiNET guarantee that we will always offer our services without requiring personal information and we will never give third parties access to any data.
Your local government forces you to provide a mirror on your blog? You don't want to be molested because you publish something controversial?

FlokiNET provides autonomous, incorruptible and flexible solutions, optimized to help you to spread your ideas!

We ensure your data is secure:
  • Our staff only uses end-to-end encrypted communication systems (Signal, PGP encrypted E-Mails, security hardened phones)
  • All workstations are preboot encrypted
  • Our office locations are secured by electronic locking systems
  • Free whois protection for your domains (with exception of some domains where that is not possible, .de for example)
  • Our legal department will take care of your abuse mails, legal proceedings and support you in uncomfortable situations
Planning to build a whisteblowing website?
We encourage you to do so! We are able to supply the secure and stable environments needed to build submission and communication platforms.

TOR network
We are running several TOR nodes (exit and relay) to donate bandwidth to what we think is a valuable and important project. You should consider to use TOR to anonymously get in contact with us.

IMMI - Icelandic Modern Media Initiative

What is the IMMI and how is it protecting our customers?
  • Whistleblower protections:
    Protection for those who step forward to reveal important matters in the public interest.
  • Source-journalist communications protection:
    Protection for the communications between an anonymous source and a media organization and internally within a media organization prior to publication.
  • Limiting prior restraint:
    Prior restraint is coercion of a publisher, by a government authority, or through the judicial system, to prevent publication of a specific matter. While the Icelandic Constitution provides the right to freedom of expression, small modifications are needed to reduce the possibility of prior restraint.
  • Protection of intermediaries (Internet service providers):
    Immunity for "mere conduits", ISPs and telecommunications carriers.
  • Protection from "libel tourism" and other extrajudicial abuses:Non-observance of foreign judgments that violate Icelandic freedom of expression protection, and the ability to file a counter-suit in Iceland against a party who engages in a calculated attempt to suppress the speech freedoms of an Icelandic entity.
  • Statute of limitations on publishing liabilities:
    Recent rulings in Europe maintain that for Internet publications, each page view is publication afresh, regardless of how long ago the material was first released. This has resulted in the silent removal of investigative newspaper stories, including those over five years old, from the online archives of the Guardian and other major newspapers.
  • Process protections:
    The majority of legal suits related to publishing settle before final judgment. Hence the court process itself must ensure that it is not used to suppress speech through unequal access to justice, subpoenas, or other interlocutory motions. Process protections (called anti-SLAPP laws in the US) permit a judge to declare the matter a free speech related case, at which point protections are activated to prevent such abuses.
Click here to read more about IMMI.