Have you been affected by activity from our network?
  • Attacks, hacking, phishing, cybercrime, spamhaus listings, and any other malicious internet activity will be blocked immediately.
  • Copyright infringement is treated in accordance with the laws of the country where the affected server is located, and claims require proper documentation from your side.
  • Please notice that false shutdown requests, for example false DMCA requests, may face legal action.
  • Liability issues aside, we are not willing to knowingly help someone silence valid criticism by going along with false or overly broad DMCA notifications.
  • Please also note that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decided on 10.01.2013 in case 36769/08 that freedom of speech and free press take priority over copyright. So, we will not act in a complaint reagarding DMCA/Copyright for a whisteblower Website.
Freedom of Speech

Note that as an online service provider, FlokiNET is not in a position to judge the merits of what its customers state on their own web sites. As such, we do not censor or otherwise assert editorial control over the content of their sites. We do indeed host sites that some (including ourselves) may find offensive, but we want to make it very clear that hosting a website does not mean that we condone its content or have any relation with the production of such content.

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*In some cases you may face a longer time to respond in case we first have to investigate the case deeper.
*In any case, we will look over your Abuse Notification to make sure it meets all of the necessary legal requirements. If it doesn't, we will be unable take further action.