Do you know what your accounting department is doing at the moment? Clicking on phishing links, installing ransomware or preparing a $20 million wire transfer to an offshore account because somebody wrote a nice e-mail impersonating your CEO? A competitor released something that looks extremely similiar to your upcoming product you spend months of research on? Sounds like you need some counterintelligence, choose OpSec consulting!

Our international team can provide you with:
  • anti social engineering consulting.
    • We'll check how your employees react to common social engineering threats like CEO fraud and teach them how to detect it.
  • secure communication consulting.
    • Are you worried that your employees are exchanging business secrets via WhatsApp? We'll help you set up your own privacy & security focused communication service.
  • operational security consulting for NGOs / investigative journalists / hidden service operators.
    • We'll help you survive in an oppressive regime. Teaching encrypted messaging, PGP, Tails & Tor usage.

If you need a tailored offer don't hesitate to contact us.

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