The vulnerabilities over GSM network are very popular, its a known public fact that calls made over GSM networks can easily be eavesdropped. Also a lot of countries have data retention laws which require the storage of communication metadata.

We offer a VoIP solution built with end-to-end encryption. The content of the call is only being decrypted at the other end, no server/company/government in the middle. The calls are routed between the phones to provide thebest possible routing for your secure call.

For End-to-End encryption we use AES 256 / Blowfish 256 encryption algorithms based on ZRTP protocol. ZRTP is an voice encryption standard developed by cryptographer Philip Zimmermann, the creator of PGP. "Z" is a reference to its inventor, Zimmermann; "RTP" stands for Real-time Transport Protocol.

ZRTP provides a second layer of authentication against a Man-in-the-middle attack, based on a form of key continuity. It does this by caching some (hashed) key information for use in the next call, to be mixed in with the next call's Diffie-Hellman shared secret. If the attack was not placed in the first call, he is locked out of subsequent calls. Thus, even if the Short Authentication String is never used, most attacks are stopped because the attack was not placed in the first call.

The RFC for ZRTP is

Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) will also reduce your costs because all calls within our secure network are free.
Our Secure VoIP service is designed to work via 3G, Wi-Fi, UMTS and GPRS-enabled wireless networks. However, we recommend using Wi-Fi to get the best audio quality & latency levels.

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Private VoIP Server

You are a company, NGO or just want your own VoIP network to have your own phone number space?

We can offer you the right solution for your needs.

The creation of a secure phone network is not just about providing privacy protection of your phone communications, but also about assuring that the phone network infrastructure can guarantee the information integrity, availability and protection.

You can choose any of our hosting locations to make sure the VoIP server is located within the best jurisdirection for you.

Private VoIP Server is your secure gateway for encrypting phone calls “to” and “from” PC and mobile smartphones. All calls are end to end encrypted with AES256 / Blowfish256 by default via ZRTP protocol. Our secure servers are designed for call negotiation procedures only. The actual secure connection between two phones is established directly, meaning that your calls cannot be intercepted or recorded even if the VOIP server is compromised (for example by government agency or court order).

Encrypted connection between two phones is also protected from a Man-in-The-Middle attack via SAS verification. Our private VOIP servers use the best PBX security functionalities to create a secure phone network. Check out our FAQ page for frequently asked questions or read more about call tapping threats.

We also offer software customization for specific customer needs, private label and unbranded secure VoIP options. Please contact us by ticket/phone or at for more information or for a price quote.